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Diamond Crash Course ( How to Choose The Perfect Diamond)

Diamond Crash Course ( How to Choose The Perfect Diamond)


A lot of people don't know that diamonds actually have a lot of characteristics. And you may have been one of those people, and that's okay! 

So, what exactly kind of characteristics make up a diamond, and how do these affect its quality and value? The main characteristics are called the 4 Cs of a diamonds: Carat, Clarity, Color and Cut



Carat is the term used for measurements of precious stones and pearls. It's equivalent to 200 milligrams. It is important to note that carat is used as a measurement for weight and not size. Well that makes no sense, all 1 carat diamonds will look the same! No, they wont. The reason has to do with each diamond's proportions. A 1 carat round diamond with ideal proportions will appear larger than a 1 carat round diamond with a high depth ratio. The image below is for reference only, and may not reflect "true to life" size, but you can see from the image that a 1 carat diamond is not half the size of a 2 carat diamond with the same proportions. 

 Image result for diamond carat


Clarity is pretty straightforward. Every diamond has a unique complexion. If you were to look at a diamond closely, you might notice some sparkle brighter than others. The main reason for a diamond's ability to reflect light and create sparkle, is its clarity. Imperfections inside a diamond are referred to as feathers and inclusions. Feathers are tiny cracks within a diamonds, and inclusions are impurities in a diamond (usually dark colored) that were trapped during the diamond's development. 

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Did you know that diamonds could actually be different colors? Not all diamonds are the pretty bluish white hue we so regularly see. Color in diamonds is graded from D to Z, D being absolutely colorless and Z being light yellow or brown. Anything past Z is considered a "Fancy Colored" diamond, and also includes any color that is not yellow or brown. 

Related image



Last but not least, the cut of a diamond. The cut of a diamond is a key component to its overall appearance. A large, colorless, and flawless diamond will look absolutely lackluster and dull if it was cut poorly. A cut will also help determine a diamond's ability to reflect light and create sparkle that everyone so loves! 

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Congratulations! You are now an expert in diamond basics! 😉



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