Custom Jewelry Process

1477 thrives because of our built-in collaborative process. Working hand in hand with our clients allows us to ensure the highest level of satisfaction.

Step 1: An Idea, Concept, And Inspiration

It all starts with an idea, a concept, or inspiration from something that is special to you. We welcome all things that inspire your creation: drawings, photos, etc. At 1477, we create rings inspired by nature, an abstract idea, or an item that already exists. We can then tweak and refine the idea into your custom jewelry creation.

Step 2: A Price Quote

We will provide a detailed quote based on your design, according to stone choice, weights, and material used.



Step 3: Approval and Payment

Once the custom project agreement is signed, and your deposit is received, we will begin the production process.



Step 4: CAD Model 

We create a couple of CAD model pictures of the final jewelry project. These are then sent to you by e-mail for review and approval.



Step 5: A Final Design Review

If there needs to be any changes or modifications to the CAD model pictures, we will make the changes and when approval is given, we start the final process of a wax model and casting the jewelry.


Step 6: Wax Model and Casting

A wax model using state of the art technology will be created and milled based upon the approved CAD model. Within a few days after the wax has been created, our master bench jeweler will cast the jewelry and set the stones.


Step 7: Final Payment and Delivery

Once final payment of the jewelry creation has been received, your finished piece will be photographed, packaged, and insured for shipping via UPS overnight delivery.

Contact us and get started or view our FAQs for more information.